Saturday, February 17, 2018

successful transition

As I watch rehearsal here at Crossroads this evening, I'm praising the Lord for another successful transition!

As the team prayed together during our rehearsal break Ernesto asked how many on the team were either new to the team or returning after a long break and about a 1/3 of the team raised their hands!  This filled me with a worshipful heart full of thanksgiving!

It's possible to be thankful for a rich past here at Crossroads while at the same time raising up new people to join us, change us!  We can enjoy reminiscing about  a past where all of us that started here served on multiple volunteer teams to make the church function - but none of us can do this alone long term!   And now we get to serve in the areas that we're the most talented in - not every area!

I'm thankful as we watched the Lord choose to touch Crossroads through Pastor Tim and Michelle's faithfulness leading us and introducing us to constant change.  Growing, maturing in Christ while having a blast!

Our staff has always joked about how fast things change here - they always have!

And now under Pastor Dave's leadership we get to enjoy being part of the God-given vision he is leading us toward!  A vision filled with future goals and continuing maturity in the Lord. And still having a blast!

Pastor Dave recently reminded us that if change ever stops then we have become the very thing we were terrified of becoming in the beginning.

How horrible it would be to not change and become stagnant...uninspired...unchallenged and unable to demonstrate with our lives that others are welcome here.

I'm thankful for change and leadership and new things that all lead us toward the God-given role for which we were created and the opportunity to welcome new family to the Kingdom!!

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