Thursday, December 7, 2017


I just got to work and immediately was in tears...again.

Our family has had an emotional year for sure, like many of you have.

The separation from us that someone we dearly loved chose to make caught us totally off-guard.  I guess we had bought into 'having the perfect family' as my friends teased me often.

I've been very emotional this year.  Those I work with have shown patience and my family has all rallied together in Christ to move past it.  But it's very humbling how emotional I still am at the most unexpected things.  I like being in control of my emotions more than I can say.  More than is healthy I suppose.

I totally believe I'm watching God's will unfold in front of us and am very excited about the future!

But, this morning I felt God's presence totally and unexpectedly wash over me when I got to work.

I realized just how unbelievable God has been to me, allowing me to be surrounded by family and getting to see them all use their talents for the Lord!

My son pulled me into his office this morning to show me the Christmas promo he created to use for our Christmas services in a couple weeks, and I immediately began to tear-up.  As I heard the words on the video that my daughter wrote, I was completely overwhelmed with the sacrifice God made to send us His only son.

We're telling the Christmas story from the perspective of Mary this year.   It's made me consider again how God can use the most-unlikely, unexpected people and things to change our world.  In fact He chooses to.

If He used extraordinary people - none of us could relate to them!

As I watched Abi's image come across the screen when my son showed me the promo - it all came pouring back to me.  My family's opportunity to get to know Abi's family when they first arrived from Mexico.  It took my breath away as God revealed the 'good' He's allowed us to be part of.

I left my son's office too emotional to talk - I believe our Christmas services are one of the most important projects that our team creates and our team takes it very seriously.   Our jobs are to tell the story of Jesus.  To use our creativity and talents to make it applicable to people's lives.

So that's my request to each of you.

Please invite your friends to one of our 5 services this year!

Pray for unsaved friends and don't hesitate for one moment to invite even unlikely friends, if they hear His Word, and SEE the story, they just may gain a new understanding of their need for a savior!

This could be a new beginning for many, just as God is moving our family into a new beginning!!

Please plan your holiday around our services and bringing friends and family to Him!  Merry Christmas!

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Unknown said...

This is so beautiful Lori... thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your thoughts and the words floating inside your heart! -Vanesa A