Monday, September 28, 2015

weekend report

Every weekend that I get to stand and watch all of our staff and volunteers' weekly work come together to create the services and children's and student's classes- takes my breath away.  Why the Almighty God of the universe chooses to use any of us is one of the greatest mysteries known to mankind!  But, that's how He chooses to spread His Gospel.  
And this weekend we added a beautiful guest family and Executive Director from Asia's Hope to be part of our worship services.  There are perhaps no one I admire more then these people who give their lives to rescue children from horrible circumstances in Asia and India.  It was a weekend of taking account of our own lives as we worshipped with them and learned more from them.  Here's a few pictures from our time together!
praise team
Savorn family
Our Setlist:
Jesus I Come
10,000 Reasons
Message:  Justice - Pastor Dave
Special Music:  Break Every Chain - John McCullom
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We'll see you next weekend as we begin a very powerful message series on Nehemiah!

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