Friday, September 4, 2015

a week of perspective

It's been the kind of week that gives me clear perspective on what's important and what's not.

I was honored to be part of several important things this week.  Things that mean way more then getting work done or keeping up at home.  Eternal things, people things.

We were hugely blessed to have the opportunity to prepare a very special meal and service for people we love who are experiencing a huge loss to their family.  The sudden death of a daughter.

I got to meet with ladies I love to look ahead at what we can provide for the women of Crossroads, we planned some events but most of all we just loved one another as we ate together.

We then got to minister to a family who is facing the loss of an amazing mother to cancer.  So hard to watch but so much rejoicing even in the certainty she will spend eternity with her Lord.  She speaks of seeing her beloved grandmother again, and that wish will soon become reality.

And then the awesome partnership I experienced with fellow staff as we dream of tomorrow and pray for Crossroads.

All of these things bring perspective.

They bring focus and renewed intention to my day.  The week has again reminded me not to take anything for granted but to look at it as the gift it is and to live fully engaged in it.

I don't know why it often takes difficult things to bring perspective, but my desire is to maintain it to keep a God perspective~

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