Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This morning as I am preparing for my day with the Lord - I looked back over a section of Piper's book and found this note I had written.   Don't EVER be a second-hander!

They don't live for the joy and satisfaction of achievement and obedience to the Lord - they live with one eye on their action or work, and one eye on their audience.

Our audience can be anyone.  Our boss, our co-workers, the congregation if we are a worship leader or teacher/preacher, our spouse, our get the idea.

No lasting joy can ever be found in this kind of existence.

A second-hander is someone with a lack of true confidence in the Lord, in their calling - trying to compensate for their deficiencies by looking for compliments.

I KNOW without a shadow of doubt, there have been seasons in my life that I could be classified as a second-hander, but my prayer for this work day is that I'll stand strong in the Lord.   Work with a God-given confidence that allows me to make decisions well and love those around me.

So I challenge each of you today - don't be a second-hander - no matter where God has placed you, at home, in the office, in whatever situation you find yourself as long as of course it's a place of obedience, be strong in Him.

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