Monday, February 16, 2015

my day off

Vacation was so very good!

Still loving this guy after 36 years!

All kinds of new friends on vacation

And now we're home...but, my day off coming at the end of a week long vacation - could not have been better in any way.

Breakfast with our kids, grandson and my parents started the day amazingly, followed by...

Staying home all day with my hubby - he worked on taxes and I finished 6 loads of laundry, waded through emails and took care of necessary communications about coming concerts and other events.

I LOVE being home - it was just a day to come back home and prepare well for the coming week, and it was just what I needed.

As we headed off for vacation last Sunday, I accidentally forgot my iPad, the book I planned to read and my phone.  I think it was possibly a Divine intervention and I didn't miss any of all.

Since I forgot to bring the book home I wanted to read, I grabbed an old John Piper book I had at least partially read years ago - Desiring God.  It was completely captivating and exactly what I needed to read.  Divine.

More about what I took away from that book tomorrow - but for tonight I just want to encourage all of you to search for a deeper walk with the Lord.  Walk away from your stuff and be available.

Read - pray - detach - renew.

I was reminded again how 'off' our understanding of who God is and what He created us to be truly is.  Now to move forward in that knowledge - determined to continue learning and following and loving Him more each day.

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