Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the most important thing

The funniest thing happened today.  When I arrived home I found an envelope in the mail from Jocelyn's former high school soccer coach.

He said he was cleaning out his office at home and came across 2 certificates he had never given to her!  So he sent them to us.

It got me to thinking, how important those certificates were back in 2006, and how unimportant  
they are now.

Isn't that the way of most everything in our lives - at least here in the US?

I know so many people who claim the name of Christ and yet are so unsatisfied with their lives, with what they have and the job they are currently doing.  Why is this?  

Friends overseas are content to work ANY job - and spend each day working for just enough to put food on the table and MAYBE a couple pieces of clothing occasionally.  Still they are content.

My guess is when you HAVE to trust the Lord for EVERYTHING - you worship and praise Him as each need is met.  They watch those around them who don't know the Lord struggle and lay their last pieces of food and hand-full of nearly worthless coins at the feet of idols. They watch each of their lost friends' days become completely full of hopelessness without the Savior they love.

But don't we do the same?  I have some friends who go to jobs they're not thankful for,  just to work their lives away to try to pay off things they should have never bought in the first place - and suddenly they look around and realize they've allowed themselves to become slaves to stuff.  It's easy to do here.  And that of course brings no satisfaction at all.

Soccer teams are important, they teach you discipline and certainly keep you physically in shape, but as that era passes and you move on- certificates become paper memories that get laid aside and seldom thought about.  

My longing is that nothing temporary will distract me from what the Lord has ordained for my life to become.  I want to abide in Him fully and focus on why He placed me here and what He has 
for me to invest my life in.

May my most important thing always be moving closer and closer toward Him and always discerning what 'the most important thing' is in His eyes.

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