Thursday, September 18, 2014

so far away

Quality writing feels so far away right now.  I write when I have time to think and sitting and thinking hasn't been on the agenda for a few days.

It's a season of being caught in the details of creating and producing.  Constantly producing.

Going through my stacks of folders and papers, adding one date after another to my calendar, it dawned on me I also need to add 'deck time' and 'writing time' or I'll watch every single day fill up.  So I added those things too!

 This is my mess from this week.  But the pile of trash at the far end represents an end in site.  Things I'm done with and can throw away.

I need to quit for the night, but, I am praising Him even in the mess - that He walks beside me, and from our mess comes life change, and opportunity for the lost, and hope.

Tonight a full wastebasket and organized folders makes me very happy and thankful and ready to rest for another day!

This writing was nothing deep - but I wanted to just take a moment and thank my Lord in writing for the gift of another week!

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