Sunday, November 3, 2019

community at crossroads

You can just attend church each week, or church can be a living, giving, vital part of your life.

The friendships I've formed over the past 23 years at Crossroads were largely formed not just by attending church with the same people each weekend, they were formed by doing life with people.

By serving together, by attending special events with them, by surrounding something that needed to be accomplished with them, by helping someone that needed help, by studying and learning more about the Lord together, by living in community.

The reason we plan trips and special events at Crossroads is to provide opportunities to know one another,  to be together with brothers and sisters in the Lord!

Recently 42 of us had an amazing time away for 5 days together both with people we knew well and those we met for the first time.

This trip connected us around a common experience that we'll never forget!

Church is much more than a place to learn about our Lord, it's a place to meet some of the friends we'll spend eternity with!

These two were trouble!

The pools were beautiful and we had a Christian band playing pool-side!

One of our favorite times each day was eating together!

Competition was fierce!

I hope you'll consider joining us in the future as we continue to try to provide these times away, allowing us to grow close and build memories.  I think perhaps our greatest opportunity so far will be the trip to the Holy Land next March.

I'm preparing my heart even now to be ready to fully grasp the fact that the places we'll visit together will be the physical places Jesus walked!

This is what community looks good!

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