Tuesday, July 2, 2019

God the great healer

In ministry it's easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of people going through horrible medical issues at any given time.  With each request my heart aches for them, and for them their sole focus is on pursuing healing.  And it's a journey I count a privilege to walk with them.

I spent time talking to three different families this past weekend going through terrible struggles and I'm just taking time this morning to dedicate specific time to asking the Great physician to guide them through this time - and specifically for healing.

Several of them have surgeries or testing that's very important this week - will you join me in prayer for them?

"Father, you created us all completely designed for the purpose we play in your master plan.  A plan to lead the lost to you.  Father, please guide the hands of the surgeons this week as they operate on my brothers and sisters in you!  And may they spiritually experience a closeness to you they've never felt before, a realization of who you are in a way they've never known.

If it please you Lord, PLEASE heal these dear people that are fighting so hard to be well.  I trust you Lord, and they all know you Lord and rest in your love for them. Amen."

Find someone struggling today, wrap your arms around them - help them to be held in the Saviors arms!

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