Monday, June 10, 2019

a miracle water

I won't use the actual name of the magic 'packet of water' that I just saw advertised on TV.

I feel like this type of advertising gimmick just proves once again how desperate we are to believe in something, someone...

Can you imagine being so desperate for eternal life, for healing, for support that you would place your hope in a package of water?

I can't explain how sad this made me, while at the same time it proved once again God created us to believe in something - to believe in Him.

Shame on me for not taking every opportunity to tell others of this amazing Savior that will fill EVERY desire they've ever had, a Savior that died so we don't have to suffer eternally.

I worship the Creator of the water, the designer of the very molecules that make up what men believe in.

Not a packet of special water.

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