Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas - a time for friends and family

I've had a privilege few experience for my whole life.  I've always worked and served with family.

I served along-side my parents in church as a kid - cleaning, mowing and preparing for our weekend services.  There's something about making your kids 'help' especially with menial tasks behind the scenes in ministry that makes them take ownership and care about the ministry personally. I HIGHLY recommend inviting your kids and grandkids to serve with you.

My mom and I also worked at two places of business together before I stayed home to raise kids.  These shared days of work and life let us know one another in ways most mothers and daughters don't experience.

As Ron and I had children we all served together at church doing various tasks and being there when the doors were open together

I'm in that era of life where I see roles reversing with our kids.  Now I'm the one being taught.

I started my day today 'learning' from the writing of my daughter as I continue my study of Mary from the book she just published.  There's something about raising your kids, trying desperately to teach them about who the Lord is, then benefitting from their knowledge of Him... (tears streaming down my face)...

And then to get the call last night that Jared and Jocelyn lead Trinity their daughter to the Lord...(tears running down my face)... no words

And following having time in the Lord this morning using Jocelyn's book, I saw our son's video work on social media again - as we advertise our Christmas services.

How different they are - one being a 'word-smith' from an early age, the other visually able to see the story and make it come to life through his ability to understand the message that needs to be communicated and capturing it on video or graphically.  Breathtaking...

You can see it at this link.
Lift Up Your Eyes

God has also gifted us with an amazing God-loving daughter and son-in-law too - both crazy in love with Jesus and talented.  We consider both gifts straight from the Lord and miracles!

I'm not writing this to brag about my kids, our family has experienced ugly season's too.
I'm writing to encourage everyone who reads this to mend any damaged family/friend relationship you have right away.

I'm not suggesting you enter back into any harmful relationship, ever! 

But, recently with people I've personally talked to, I've been shocked at how long it's been since they've talked to loved ones.  Differences in life style and life choices have separated them - a difference in opinion in some cases is all that separates them.  You DO NOT have to condone how someone lives in order to love them and let them know that.

Please consider this Christmas season a simple text or call to a family member or friend that you've distanced yourself from.

Jesus says to 'love'...He doesn't list exceptions that permit you to remain mad or harbor a heart of disappointment or lack of forgiveness.

We owe the Savior a clean heart - that's what He asks for at Christmas!!

(I would LOVE to hear your comments about steps you're going to take to contact loved ones!!)

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