Thursday, September 7, 2017

always preparing

As I was working on Christmas at Crossroads today, I realized I was doing what I'm always doing - preparing!

As I listened to some pieces and parts for Christmas I got a call from Les Parrott who will be with us this weekend at Crossroads. He was calling to answer my final questions regarding preparations for he and his wife to be with us this weekend.  He seems like someone that would be a lot of fun to have as a friend - so it caused me to be even more excited about the weekend.

So I continued to prepare by adding notes to my Les and Leslie folder!

Earlier this afternoon at Crossroads - two local art teachers stopped by with my friend Vicki following up on some details we needed to discuss in order to prepare for a "Coffee and Painting" event we're going to be hosting in a couple of weeks.  Who needs wine anyway!  Ha ha!

More preparing...

As I prayed for wisdom with our Christmas services I pictured God preparing to send His son to earth - preparing the event we now call Christmas.  How careful I want to be to preserve the integrity of that sacrifice.  How I long to have even a tiny understanding of how terrified Mary was when she was told she was carrying the Messiah, the promised one she had been taught about since she was born.  She knew what it would cost her, her reputation, possibly Joseph the man she hoped to marry and any chance of a normal life.  Still she chose obedience - all part of God's amazing plan...

And when the time had come he sent His son for us and now I need to prepare well and somehow tell the amazing story in a way that conveys who this Savior really was!   I really, really covet your prayers!

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