Friday, April 22, 2016


I love freshly ironed clothing.

I unfortunately - based on our current schedule, had allowed my ironing to really pile up.  It was one of those evenings a couple days ago, when all that was on TV was election junk, so I headed upstairs.

I think the reason I enjoy ironing is that it has a beginning and an ending, and most of my work feels like it doesn't.

I took my laptop with me and decided to re-listen to Pastor Dave's heaven and hell teachings. Crossroads Messages

Even though I almost always sit clear up-front during 1 service a weekend, it's really difficult to ever fully stop evaluating and making suggestions for improvement creatively, technically and musically.   So although I sit down - I don't 'take it all in', like I should.

I was really, really challenged more than any other messages in a long time as I listened.   Dave's challenge to long for heaven to spend eternity in Christ's presence felt like a brand new challenge. He said it should be the main thing we long for, to simply be in the presence of Jesus forever.

Sitting under this kind of teaching makes me understand that I had several pastors growing up, that seemed to focus on sending us home each weekend feeling guilty about our lives.  Not redeemed, not saved, not secure - guilty...not good enough.

So I have to admit, when taking the time to carefully examine my heart, most of my thinking related to 'excepting Christ', was feeling not worthy on my own to get to heaven, which of course is true.   And because I was scared to death of hell.  We were asked weekly, "Are you SURE you're saved, are you POSITIVE you've been forgiven", even though we didn't believe you could lose your salvation - they asked weekly.

I see now how our enemy can even use well intentioned good men to lead us away from a personal longing to understand and know our Savior more and more.  Instead it can turn into nothing more then a 'get out of hell' pass.

He created me to BE WITH HIM, not worry about doing things well enough, bank accounts and the future - but to understand that as a child of His I will ONLY find satisfaction in Him...

I want to know Him more - to ask for understanding of who He is, and to honestly believe what I'm doing now - my amazing family - all these blessings He's given me are all to use for eternal accomplishment.  In a blink of an eye we'll move on, and that's not a negative thing.  I want it to nurture a longing that can only be satisfied by Him.

It shouldn't be shocking that God allows dramatic things to happen to us, removing all 'the stuff' that clogs our ability to focus on Him.  Especially as Americans, it's nearly impossibly to see our deep eternal need of Him through all of our appointments, purchases and self-sufficiencies, but I want to know Him at a level that makes heaven the longing of my heart.  Pouring into only heaven worthy things and attitudes.  I am very thankful that truth is taught clearly and bravely at Crossroads without guilting us into obedience!

Who would have thought ironing my hubby's shirts could be used of God to open my eyes and catch just a tiny glimpse of what He really wants from me?  What awaits for me!

May your day be filled with heaven-longings and a new, deep knowledge of Christ- and maybe a little ironing!

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