Saturday, May 23, 2015

finally there

Today is a personal celebration of FINALLY being in my #1 favorite spot in the deck.
my view past my computer screen

I'm watching twirling seeds fall from gorgeous green trees and birds visiting our bird feeders as I hear the 'flap' of the American flag overhead...I breath deeply here and I learn.  Deep breaths have been missing lately - it's been nearly 5 full weeks now that I haven't worked a full 'on-site' week and it's taken a month to get everyone fairly healthy again.

I woke up today preparing to accompany my hubby to help another staff member complete a relocation of a Crossroads attendee that found herself in trouble.  We discussed as we drove how difficult it is sometimes to tell the difference between truly helping someone and being taken advantage of.  It's difficult to know the difference sometimes and even more difficult to discern whether our responsibilities are to just blindly help and serve without trying to figure everything out - or to insure the need is real.  This was a necessary 'saving', and it was good to watch a fellow staff member give this person another chance.

I wasn't sure how long it would take, and although I desperately needed to spend some time at home today, I marveled at how God can use all of us to accomplish and provide what He needs others to discover and know.

This serve opportunity took no time at all to complete and soon I found myself finishing the last load of laundry and now I'm here, in my favorite spot again.  Resting in the Savior and basking in His creation fills my heart again, and I couldn't be more grateful to finally be here again!

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